37th 21 Days Practice from 1st to 21st September
Each Practice, a new theme!
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A 21 days practice to revive the heart, to make the mind lighter and quieter, to detoxify the body and to feel Life.
No prerequisites, 100% online, guided by Andean Masters


What is the 21 Days Practice?

The 21 Days Practice is a spiritual medicine, a journey of self-knowledge and awakening that you carry out in your daily life, wherever you are. 

For a period of 21 days we work on our egos, polishing the still rigid aspects of the character and awakening us to the sensitivity of Life. It is an individual practice as you do it at home, but also as a group, as hundreds of people around the world are doing it at the same time.

It happens twice a year, preceding the Autumn and Spring Equinoxes (March 1st to 21st and September 1st to 21st); each semester is a new practice with a different focus and metaphor.

"The 21 days are a change of look and awareness, through an ancestral eco-spiritual practice, carefully translated to the current reality, and redesigned keeping its Andean essence, simple and profound."

The Semiannual Theme

The whole of the Practice is rewritten and selected from ZERO. This means that the digital book, the music, the recipes and the energetic physical exercises are specially selected for the current Practice.

The Theme is selected according to the influential energies on the Planet, the Andean Masters are open to our needs, which must be overcome, so that a new awareness can be installed.

And in deep connection, guided by God, the Goddess and the highest Devas, we have the new texts, music, recipes and physical exercises that we must practice in the cycle that starts on September 1st in total sync with the moment we live in.

What you will receive subscribing to the 21 Days Practice
Download the Music and Manuals on your computer, phone or Tablet.

New! 21 Days Practice Program

A complete thematic program to be held from March 1st to 21st, access for 5 months. En esta edición el tema será: 

Members Area with Login, Password and Support

You will be given access to a members area with pre-recorded materials already available to get you started. Access whenever and wherever you want.

New! Digital Book with Daily Readings 162 pages

By participating online, you will receive a Digital Book that brings 21 days of possibilities to experience a period of intense understanding and acceptance of what life brings each moment. In this book you will find all the instructions on how the Practice will be carried out and what you should do in your day to day.

Weekly Monitoring with Andean Masters

Every 7 days you will be able to send an account of how the practice has been going on, the Andean Masters will assist you in this journey and you can freely ask questions in the members area.

New Bonus! Special Music Selection to assist the Practice

To make the practice light and deep, there will be a playlist selected especially for the Practice theme.

New Bonus! PDF Cookbook

To facilitate physical cleaning, energy and a physical refreshment, there will be a book of recipes and dietary recommendations.

New! Guided Meditation 

A meditation recorded to be performed with your eyes closed and your heart smiling.

New! Exercise Video Class (kriya)

In this video there will be a demonstration of an exercise to unblock the energetic flows of energy in our bodies.

At the end of the 21 Days, this practice will have helped you to:

  • Decrease anxiety and irritability;
  • Deal better with feelings of sadness and depression;
  • To better control your emotions and not let them dominate you;
  • Be happier, enthusiastic and have more disposition;
  • Find inner peace and have more patience;
  • To improve your memory and to have greater mental and physical vigor;
    And more...

This Practice is totally designed for people who ...

  • Are struggling to find their purpose in life, or are feeling “lost” without being able to get their life on track;
  • want to stop having negative thoughts that limit and sadden them;
  • think they have a good life, but it lacks a deeper meaning, a direction where to go in the future;
  • live unmotivated, tired, finding no pleasure in living;
  • think they have no energy for everyday activities;
  • find it difficult to be happy and are always stressed, fatigued and irritated;
  • always start something and then give up and don't know how to change that pattern;
  • feel attached to emotions, grudges or mental and physical addictions that prevent their heart from flying new skies;
  • want to be happier, more animated, more willing, to find inner peace and to start living with more serenity;


Subscription Value

Choose the best payment method for you to participate

• Access to the 21 Days Practice for 5 months. All audio and PDF materials can be downloaded to your mobile, tablet or computer.

• Libro Digital en PDF con las Lecturas Diarias de 162 páginas

• Selection of special music to assist the practice.

• PDF Cookbook

• Guided Meditation

• Video exercise class (kriya)

• Members Area with Login and Password

• Support with Andean Masters for 5 Months

• 3 individual and personalized accompaniments by email on the 7th, 14th and 21st days

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The contents of the Practice are written and selected by Andean Masters

Who are the Andean Masters?

We look far for a perfume that we have very close. Here, a transmission of a way of learning opens up, without suffering or formality, from the Andes. This is a lineage that arrived from the mysterious Atlantis, a ray of Latin American spirituality, a mestizo one, that survived the colonization and the tremendous events of the Conquest. In inaccessible communities in the high mountains of the Andes, for five hundred years a model of devout, welcoming and poetic instruction has been maintained. A way to transform yourself and achieve transcendence in a different and simple structure.

The Andean Masters are a breath of inspiration that comes from the snowy heights, from peasants of the highest sensitivity and with an intense practice of connection with the spiritual powers of Life.

The path that lies before you requires only your attention and openness of sensitivity so that the influence of the Andean Masters comes as a gentle interior rain, fertilizing the seeds of gifts and own abilities that the One Life gives us to realize the dreams that we carry in the heart. By placing ourselves in close contact with this Subtle Influence, we begin to drink from the well of living water of the SELF..

Your epic is written in your soul, your personality must fulfill it, and in this epic dynamic the Andean Masters will help you.

""May time not hasten you. Bless with intensity every one, this Pachamama Nation that is reborn and reborn in luminous and renewed forms."" 
21 Days Practice Phrase March 2021

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